Feel healthier on the inside
with a menu based on Japanese medicinal food

The human body gradually loses its balance due to our daily lifestyles and eating habits,

and overtime many symptoms and conditions can arise.

At the Japanese Healthy Restaurant YAKUZEN,

we offer advice on meals that will suit the conditions of your body

based on ideas from Japanese medicinal foods.

If you visit Japanese Healthy Restaurant YAKUZEN, you can achieve balance in your body.

Your mind will be clearer and healthier

as you enjoy delicious food and drink options that suit your constitution.

01What is Japanese medicinal food?

Japanese medicinal food (Yakuzen) refers to dishes made using ingredients and cooking methods that suit each person’s physical conditions based on ideas from ​​oriental medicine. Japanese medicinal food helps to relieve illnesses and adjust imbalances in your body, and it is also useful for symptoms such as cold sensitivity and physical fatigue.

In Yakuzen, we consider calorie calculation and factors other than nutrients in a complex manner. Even dishes with the same calorie amounts can have differing natures such as warming and cooling the body or adjusting your gastrointestinal function. For example; if someone who has a cold body eats something that cools their body because that food is known to be healthy, their gastrointestinal will be weakened and their body will become fragile even though they are getting nourishment.

The menu has been finalized after due consideration of many variables, like the nature of the food, its taste and effects on the body. There are dishes that warm the body on cold days for people who are cold, and there are dishes that cool the body on hot days for people who are hot.

In addition, there are four seasons in Japan, and the changes that occur in the body change with each season. Seasonal foods and local foods are useful in relieving the symptoms that occur from time to time.

For example; foods in the hot and humid summer season have the function of cooling the body and discharging moisture from the body so that it does not accumulate. The idea of ​​Japanese medicinal food is to consider all aspects of the seasons, area, physical conditions and characteristics.

02Professional cooking supervisor

A chef who has mastered Japanese cuisine and used to work at famous restaurants, alongside Ms Saori Mizoma, an International Health Protection Food Master, will supervise YAKUZEN’s menu. We will provide our customers with the best taste and efficacy of medicinal foods.

【Concept of cooking in Japanese medicinal food】
Ingredients and cooking methods that are suitable for each physical condition, combinations of ingredients with synergistic effects, and a balance of five flavors.

【Concept of a Japanese restaurant】
A Japanese restaurant has attentive and methodical cooking, they use the correct methods to make geniuine soup stock, they understand the ingredients and cooking methods, and do quality checks of each dish when it is finished.

In Vietnam, we are the only restaurant that have taken both Japanese medicinal food and Japanese cuisine into consideration.

Ms Saori Mizoma

2004 – Worked at Rohto Pharmaceutical’s medicinal restaurant as a Nutritionist. She was drawn to the charm of medicinal food and got a qualification as an international medicinal food master.
2008 – She worked at Rohto Pharmaceutical’s medicinal food restaurant “旬穀旬菜カフェ”, which opened in Tokyo, and was involved in the development, cooking of medicinal food recipes and customer service.
2020 – Became a freelancer when the restaurant closed, and is currently working to spread the charm of medicinal food! She wants everyone to know that medicinal food is not difficult, and in fact, there are medicinal foods all around us!

What is an international medicinal food master?
A qualification of the ability to use ingredients and Chinese medicines in consideration of each person’s type and physical condition, season, etc., and make a dish of medicinal food with the primary purpose of preventing illnesses by maintaining health and improving physical conditions. In China, along with doctors and pharmacists, it is a highly valued national qualification. A cooking master uses various knowledge, such as Chinese medicine, to make medicinal dishes. They must consider the most effective ingredients for the target customer, combinations of Chinese medicine, cooking methods, etc.

03Offering dishes that suit 8 types

YAKUZEN provides dishes that suit 8 types of body conditions. You can find out your current health condition by answering the questionnaire in our app. The menu has also been designed so you can easily choose the dishes that are suitable for your type. You can improve your health by enjoying our selection of food and drinks that suit your condition.

By answering the questions on the dedicated app in the app store, you can understand more about your type. The 8 types are expressed in an easy-to-understand way with illustrations.
8 types of Yakuzen

04Ingredients that are purposely chosen with consideration to your health

In addition to traceable ingredients such as organic vegetables from Dalat and imported ingredients from Japan, we are particular about the health of everyone. We take pride in offering you the best for your health, with the ingredients we use and our seasonings. We do our best to not use artificial seasonings and refined sugar where possible, and strive to bring out the original sweetness and the flavor (umami) of the ingredients.

05Well-being presented by Rohto-Mentholatum Company (Vietnam)

As a Japanese healthcare company, Rohto-Mentholatum Company (Vietnam) has contributed to the development of the beauty and healthcare industry in Vietnam for 25 years through its eye drop and skincare products. The best way to stay healthy is to have a healthy daily lifestyle, so by introducing Japanese medicinal food – a health-supported method that has been used by the Japanese for many years, we hope to make everyone living in Vietnam healthier, live longer, and be happier. YAKUZEN was created with this hope in mind.

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