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☀ Hello summer, Nagashi Somen Yakuzen cold noodles is officially launching, it’s a new way of enjoying noodles and only appears at Yakuzen restaurant. Let’s explore together.
☀ Cold Somen noodles is a Japanese traditional dish in the summer. “Nagashi” literally means “to flow”, and “Somen” refers to thin (1.3mm), white noodles made from wheat flour. Nagashi-somen (flowing noodles) is somen that you catch using chopsticks as it flows past you on a bamboo water slide. It’s a fun way to eat somen in Japan.
☀ Different from the traditional way of eating somen noodles, Yakuzen uses “magic” devices that can create the water flow to make the noodles become cold as soon as possible and also give a great flavor that satisfy five senses of customers.
☀ How to enjoy Nagashi Somen Yakuzen? Firstly, catch the flowing noodles then dip it in Tsuyu/ Sesame sauce. Somen is served with medium-boiled egg, stir-fried shrimps and vegetables, all combine to create a cool flavor that blows away the heat of summer.
☀ Have you ever enjoyed Somen noodles like this? Let’s book a table right now, because it’s limited to serve.
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