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Course Menu Dinner

Course Menu Dinner

Yakuzen understands that dinner time is the best way to connecting people, express feelings, create memories. Therefore, we officially launch the course menu dinner with 3 perfect choices, each course will bring a meaningful message to customers.
Hana Course: to be always shining and gorgeous every day.
Irodori Course: the colors in the food are not only beautiful, makes a difference but also brings different emotions to the diners.
Fuku Course: meaning that happiness, blessing and fortune things will always come.

Yakuzen restaurant can be found in its own beautiful and tranquil stand in the District 3 Ho Chi Minh and is located in a beautiful garden, surrounded by lush greenery and koi pond, bringing a sense of elegance and relaxation. With a cozy, formal atmosphere at night, when comes with our course menu, it will be perfectly suitable for important appointment with partner, family & friends meeting.